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COACHING word made with building blocks.


On-Pole defines effective coaching as facilitating the measurable performance improvement or development of an individual and/or a team.

We operate on an outcomes-orientated basis, focused on the alignment of both individual and corporate needs. Our motto is “Feedback: Breakfast of Champions”. On-Pole’s commitment to continuous improvement ensures that we actively utilise client and coachee feedback and adopt the same philosophy amongst ourselves.

Core Values

We operate through a series of core values:

  • Empathy

  • Unconditional positive regard

  • Constructive challenge

Benefits and Outcomes

Our consultants have consistently delivered tangible benefits to clients in the form of value improvements, increased outputs and improved ways of working on business-critical programmes.


On-Pole’s coaching works because it focuses on a number of key issues:

  • Performance improvement that is practical as well as goal and results orientated

  • Increasing self-awareness and creating dynamic learning environments

  • Personal development and in particular, unlocking personal potential

  • Instilling an enhanced sense of commitment to achieve end-goals


We ensure that all coaching activities are based upon clear and unambiguous objectives, measuring the impact in terms of:

  • Organisational performance

  • Social development

  • Professional growth

  • Personal transformation

Our coaching interventions are focused on the specific needs of individuals, as well as the sponsoring organisation. We identify coaching outcomes that will support the overall business strategy and performance drivers.

Our specialist areas of coaching support include:

  • Executive

  • Business/Corporate

  • Creating high-performing teams

  • Solutions-focused therapy

  • Utilising best practice from elite performers to develop innovative and motivational interventions

  • Mentoring

Where appropriate, we integrate fully with clients’ in-house coaching and HR teams.


Our Experience

On-Pole has worked with clients across a variety of sectors including:

  • High-Volume Manufacturing

  • Financial Services

  • Multi-Media and Communications

  • Affordable Housing

Typical coaching and performance-improvement interventions have included working with:

  • Leadership teams

  • Senior executives

  • Organisations in transition

  • Partnering and alliancing programme teams

Why On-Pole?

We have coached individuals and teams in both the public and private sectors. All of our coaches actively participate in supervision and continuing professional development programmes, most notably with the triple-accredited Henley Centre for Coaching & Facilitation at Henley Business School.

On-Pole has an established team of Associates, including business psychologists and NLP specialists as well as motivational speakers.

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